Blank 2D display: P3Dv4 and NAVSTAX

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Blank 2D display: P3Dv4 and NAVSTAX

Post by williguido » Tue Apr 28, 2020 1:04 pm

After installing NAVSTAX v1.80502 and configured for P3Dv4 the airplanes panel.cfg file was not updated until I selected P3Dv3!

However the bigger problem is that the NAVSTAX avionics displays (freq,..) turn only on when ? aircrafts like P38L or PC-6 Porter are selected.

With the default Maule, F35,… or Caronado PA-28 Archer II the displays are blank.
Only the squelch sound is audible! With FSUIPC I monitored avionics and battery power sources.
But there is no difference to ? planes.

Appreciate any help to get the stack working also for the default planes.

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