P3Dv4.4 W10x64: 2D panel stack not visible

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P3Dv4.4 W10x64: 2D panel stack not visible

Post by williguido » Wed Nov 06, 2019 6:35 pm


Following the installation instructions and using the navstax config tool I placed the radio stack at the right lower corner but nothing is showing up after loading default airplanes like Mooney Bravo and Piper or Carenado Archer II.
The config tool saves at the radio folder the configuration files correctly.
But when I compare the "updated" panel.cfg files only date and time changed but no new window contend/entry for the radio stack!
When editing the panel.cfg file adding a new 2D window which includes the radios at least they show up.
But they do not power-up and are not functional ... (Carenado Archer II)
Also re-installation does not help.

Do I have an old version downloaded or is a key required? Or? I am running out of ideas!

Thanks for help to get the stack running at P3Dv4.4 using W10x64

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